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$250k can get you an hour in Drakes’s Toronto Home Studio, the Canadian rapper, however, is not a part of the package. Still, one can picture music fans and aspiring artists lining up to not only get a dekko inside the much-talked-about home but also touch and use all the equipment the Hotline Bling star uses.

Via Twitter / @Stufinder

The studio was listed on Stufinder, an app committed to finding and booking recording studios. The listing ensures fans don’t get their hopes high or feel disappointed after parting with the hefty $250K an hour sum; the listing clarifies, “Drake feature is not included.” A surprised Stufinder reached out to Drake’s camp to verify the same. “We reached out to Drake and his team to get confirmation that he did, in fact, list his home recording on our app,” Jon Greeer, head of Stufinder’s PR. “Session requests can be sent to the studio, but to prevent a scam, we have paused the ability for the studio to accept bookings till we receive confirmation.”

Drake’s Toronto mansion. Image – Youtube

Per Hypebeast, rapper Riff Raff has already booked two hours at Drake’s home studio for a whopping $500,000. The description for the listing reads, “Drake’s personal home recording studio. Home studio includes custom equipment. No engineer included. Drake feature is not included.”

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