março 4, 2024

Being stuck in the pandemic really taught us the true meaning and value of having a great backyard. You can do a lot with your backyard, especially if you do them up the right way. They can be locations of major fun, recreation, and relaxation…of course, depending on how we do them up. And adding the right outdoor furniture to your backyard can be what makes that major difference. A furniture design that I recently came across, which would be a great addition to any yard, garden, or outdoor space is the Böste lounge chair.

Designer: Stefan Borselius for Skargaarden

Designed by Stefan Borselius for the Swedish furniture company Skargaarden, the Böste lounge chair is a minimal and sturdy lounge chair that is designed to weather over time. The lounge chair is named after the designer’s hometown in Southern Sweden. It is inspired by the classic Westport Chair and is in fact, a Scandinavian version of it.

“Originally, it is believed that the reason for this design was so that the chair could be used on uneven terrain – but today the design is mainly associated with outstanding comfort, which allows the user to sink into the reclining chair and relax,” said Skargaarden. The form of the chair is pretty unique, with the back and seat meeting at an interesting angle, which invites and welcomes users to sit in a gently reclined pose which is great for relaxing and socializing with family and friends. It features wide arms, that double as small and compact side tables. It also features a separate footrest that allows users to lie down fully and comfortably.

“[The Böste] lounge chair can be placed on soft beaches, hard rocks, grass between your toes, the poolside, or a luxurious roof terrace,” said the brand. The chair has been built using powder-coated stainless steel and sustainably sourced teak. Both the materials were picked, since they will eventually with time, weather down to a silver-grey hue. The chair’s strong materiality and sturdiness make it extremely durable to withstand temperatures outdoors during all seasons. It will function as an excellent addition to your backyard!

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