março 2, 2024

It took me a week and a few YouTube videos to learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube, but only a quick look to decipher the obvious: the Smart Rubik’s Cube Clock is just the name, it wouldn’t require you to match random colors to tell the time.

As the designer states, the table clock is designed to “subvert the tradition.” What does that mean in context of this clock, if I may decipher, is that you get an aesthetically pleasing block for your nightstand that does more than tell the time in digital format.

Designer: Li Wenkai and Dan Yu

The Smart Rubik’s Cube Clock is integrated with three USB ports for charging as many devices simultaneously. Two physical buttons: Power and Brightness Adjust let you interact with the clock. A notable feature here is the smart brightness adjustment that allows the clock display to be tinkered to the level of glare you desire.

In addition to telling time and fast charging devices (at 20W), the clock can be programmed to set an alarm or connected to the home Wi-Fi to display real-time weather updates. Interestingly, you can set up to ten alarms for your daily schedule with this nifty gadget.

Smart Rubik’s Cube Clock unlike most table clocks is meticulously designed to rest unhindered on a table or nightstand. For stability, the clock has an anti-skid pad on the bottom that prevents it from slipping off.

For the pleasure of the more design-oriented, Wenkai has created the Smart Rubik’s Cube Clock in black and white colors. Overall this concept table clock is feature-packed to make life smarter and easier for modern-day geeks!

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