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What would your initial reaction be if you suddenly come across a Rolls-Royce Phantom completely decked out in gold? You might reach out for your phone to click a few pictures but I’m sure you’ll awestruck for a few moments watching a massive brick of gold roll by. That’s exactly how people react when they see this gold Rolls-Royce Phantom driving around on the Indian roads. The gilded uber-luxury sedan is owned by an Indian businessman named Boby Chemmanur whose face features in the unique logo seen on the doors. The Kerala-based entrepreneur had his Phantom wrapped in gold a few years back and uses it to ferry VIP guests visiting his hotels.


Covering exotic cars in gold vinyl is a popular theme in the Middle East, but spotting something similar in India is rare. The YouTube video below captured the reactions of onlookers who were surprised to see a gold Rolls-Royce on the streets of Bengaluru, an IT hub in India.

Crowds did not even bat an eye for the parked Lamborghini Huracan while they snapped the bright gold Rolls Royce Phantom.Via Youtube / @SPOTTER INDIA CARS

The video posted by ‘Spotter India Cars’ shows how easily the blinged-out Rolls-Royce grabs everyone’s attention and makes heads turn. At one point in the video, it can be seen getting more attention than a blue Lamborghini Huracan roadster parked in front of it. People beeline to grab a visual of the unusual automobile and click pictures, including selfies. You might have noticed the taxi sign on the roof, which makes it even more interesting.


Yes, the gold Rolls-Royce is a taxi and can be rented for Rs 25,000 (around $300) per day, which seems quite reasonable considering the fact that the Rolls-Royce Phantom is one of the most expensive cars on sale in India. The current-generation Phantom Series VIII has a starting price of Rs 103 million ($1.3 million) in India. Boby’s gold Rolls-Royce Phantom might be a previous-generation model but that doesn’t make it any less luxurious or special.


Another interesting thing about the car is its fancy license plate. The matching yellow number plates – used by commercial vehicles – in India feature 0001 at the end.

Boby with the late football legend Maradona.

Who is Boby Chemmanur?
Boby Chemmanur is a 60-year-old entrepreneur from India who runs businesses ranging from jewelry stores to hotels to car rentals. According to several sources, his current net worth is believed to be close to $100 million. Also known for his philanthropic work, Boby reportedly was also a professional soccer player and had close ties with soccer legend Diego Maradona who also inaugurated his first jewelry showroom in Dubai a few years ago. Boby is a car enthusiast and owns a huge collection of luxury automobiles.

He bought the Phantom VII LWB in an auction several years ago and decided to convert it into a taxi with the aim to offer the experience of riding in one of the most expensive cars in the world for a reasonable fee. The gilded Rolls-Royce also is a very effective marketing tool for the businessman to promote himself and also his Club Oxygen resorts.

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