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Gender reveal ideas are getting crazier (read: excessive) by the day! A wealthy property tycoon, Steven Hamilton, and his fiancée, Isabella Rowles, zeroed in on an idea that ended with several zeroes or $450,000! Famous on Instagram as H3steven, he spent more than a month planning and executing the gender reveal party of dreams!

Via Youtube / @Ste Hamilton

The big bash involved Steven’s $380k Lamborghini Urus to be Yiannimized, aka wrap the car according to the gender. The couple also whisked their family and friends off to the famous Belfry Hotel and Resort near Birmingham.

Via Youtube / @Ste Hamilton

Yianni Charalambous and his crew worked wonders on the expensive supercar in accordance with the precious reveal envelope. The project was always kept under wraps and even delivered the vehicle by a fully enclosed trailer wrapped in a giant red ribbon. The joyous event saw the box open to unveil a beautiful baby blue Urus with blue brake calipers to match. The car also flaunted a remarkable starlight ceiling. In addition to finding out the gender of their baby, the couple also announced that the baby would be named Cruze Eleven Hamilton.

Via Youtube / @Ste Hamilton

Steven said, “It was worth every second of the hard work to see the happiness in everyone’s faces on the day.” The party was an expensive affair, with the Lamborghini Urus being the most pricey element. The car wrap would be an additional $13,000, and the bash at Belfry nearly $50,000. The couple can go the Champagne Rose way for their next baby and commission a similar bespoke pink Rolls Royce Ghost.

We have witnessed some incredible and some outlandish gender reveal ideas in the past. Once, a wealthy couple got a tiger to pop balloons against the iconic Burj Al Arab. The wild animal successfully spouted pink powder on rupturing the balloon. Dubai-based influencers Anas and Asala Marwah had their baby reveal projected on Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower. The result was a well-orchestrated light show on all 163 floors of the 2720 feet building covered in blue, reading “It’s a boy.”

Via Instagram / @yiannimize

Yianni Charalambous the celebrity car customizer
Entrepreneur and YouTuber Yianni Charalambous founded the ‘Yiannimize’ celebrity car customizer company. His clients include big names from sports, music, and Hollywood. Yiannimize offers various vehicle services, from their famous Vinyl Wrapping to other services like wheel painting and more. “I’ve always been passionate about cars. I had a Lamborghini of my own at the time, and I was just playing around with my own customizing and stuff. My mates kept seeing what I was doing, and they said I should do customizing for a living, and I’ve never looked back.” He added, “We have cars for sale up to £70,000 that are all kitted out. In fact, I deal with people from Dubai, Russia, and Kazakhstan, so the footballers are quite poor in comparison!”

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