maio 31, 2023

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when in Saudi Arabia, stay as the wealthy do! Azulik AlUla is the new address of luxury right in the middle of the desert. This otherworldly eco-resort is a destination that teleports you to a fantasy world owing to mesmerizing natural surroundings of an ancient valley. The canyons in AlUla’s Nabataean Horizon District play the part of your room views to perfection.

At the same time, the terracotta cliffs, towering dunes, and ancient heritage sites make you lose track of time. The resort is home to 76 luxury villas of six different categories. It includes amenities like a spa, a VIP club, welcome lounges, all-day dining concepts, and an SFER IK museum, allowing visitors to see world-class art alongside AlUla’s natural elements.

To ensure the pristine surrounding lands and heritage remain protected, no private cars are allowed. Similarly, guests are welcome to explore the ancient rock art inscriptions a stone’s throw away, safeguarded by the resort. Furthermore, a thoughtful approach to sustainable water management will be adopted, utilizing the natural system of existing waterways to provide irrigation while guarding against floods.

The gorgeous Azulik AlUla is a luxurious way of pausing time and returning to old habits. On the one hand, an all-electric mobility system will be provided, and on the other, guests can commute on horses and camels, besides hiking trails. The old and new come together to create a seamless holiday experience.

Slated to open in 2027, the Roth Architecture-designed Azulik Alula Resort will generate over 300 new jobs enabling economic empowerment. John Northen, RCU vice president of Hotels and Resorts, said, “AZULIK AlUla is centered on the concept of sustainability and connection with the natural and human heritage surrounding this magnificent property. Along with its proximity to the AlMutadil Equestrian Village and Wadi AlFann, both under development, this resort is one of several assets contributing to AlUla’s growth as a leading destination.”

AZULIK founder and CEO, Roth, added, “As a Tribe, we feel honored to bring AZULIK’s vision to AlUla. It is with gratitude and profound respect that we embark a journey into AlUla’s vibrant heritage and culture. Rooted in its unique natural landscape, we begin a project that is both close to our heart and our brand values.”

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