março 4, 2024

Jet Shark’, the shark-shaped submersible, helps you enjoy the deep blue waters without a care in the world, literally. The two-seater personal watercraft can flip, spin, and glide akin to the shark, whale, and dolphin. The brainchild of Rob Innes and Dan Piazza is based on the Seabreacher watercraft and is significantly bigger.

Images – The Jet Shark

The Corvette V8 engine allows the vigorous beast to tilt aggressively and dive to six feet in short spells. Jet Shark accommodates four people in an air-conditioned, commodious cockpit nestled comfortably in leather-looking cushioned seating.

Images – The Jet Shark

The submersible doubles up as a regular boat, where one can enjoy the waters with open doors for relaxed cruising. To go straight for the thrill under and over water, lock the doors and unleash the Jet Shark to do what it does best- go nuts! The idea of having uninterrupted fun is not without ensuring stability and safety. The presence of twin side fins provides steadiness, while the oversized dorsal fin is equipped with a camera to give the pilot visibility while immersed.

Images – The Jet Shark

The Seabreacher submersible can manage a thrilling speed of 43 knots on water and 17 knots when submerged. Excited to unleash the adrenaline-loving Aquaman in you? The Jet Shark Submersible is still in its prototyping phase but is expected to arrive soon, and it sure seems like it’s worth the wait.

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