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A Saudi prince is flipping his lavish Beverly Hills mansion for a $30 million profit. Spread across 1.15 acres, the uniquely designed home features a 250-foot-long infinity pool, which is one of the largest in Los Angeles.

Nearly four years ago, a Saudi royal, HRH Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud purchased a $45 million Bel-Air mansion. Business Insider reported he also got the smaller neighboring home for $7.2 million. The Saud royal is now listing his stately home, set on 1.15 acres of land, for $75 million. If the sale goes through at that price, its a profit of $30 million in less than five years. Is the home worth the hoopla? It sure looks like it. Not only is the home massive, but it is also very elegantly designed. The Bel-Air estate is a modern-day palace fir for a Saudi royal with world-class amenities and a cosmopolitan vibe. Let’s take a closer look at this lovely Los Angeles abode-

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The massive monolithic-style mansion stands like a fortress on 1.5 acres of land. It features a sprawling 20,000-square-foot contemporary home and a 250-foot infinity pool, which per Dirt, is one of the biggest in Los Angeles.

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Like most beautiful things, this California home of a wealthy Saudi Royal took five long years to build. Specialists at Tag Front Architects gave this home its lavish interiors. It is a robust example of the talent of developer and diamond manufacturer Rafael Zakaria.

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The luxurious $45 million home has seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and a 12-car garage to accommodate numerous cars of a billionaire owner.

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Nestled between ample greenery, the limestone floors stand out and play the perfect canvas to place bespoke furniture. The limestone was quarried in Portugal, while the Calacatta marble was flown in from Tuscany.

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The same limestone and marble touches continue to the kitchen. The space is custom-designed by Italian artisans, and outfitted with top-notch appliances.

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Highlights of the vast house include a 20-seat movie theater and wellness center, complete with an indoor spa and sauna.

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At one end of the living room is an extended bar with a massive marble table resembling one solid block. Small blocks of wood that double up as bar stools complement the absoluteness of the bar, while playful pendant lights break the ponderosity of the space.

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A large O-shaped sculpture sits at the back of the house, almost like its insignia, surrounded by extensive gardens and a full-size tennis court.

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The infinity pool deserves its own crown for being the most serene zone in this sophisticated home. True to its name, the pool extends a total of 250 feet. It includes built-in recliners attached to a Baja sundeck providing uninterrupted panoramas of Santa Monica’s skyline, the Pacific Ocean, and Catalina Island.

This beautiful $45 million home was recently renovated, which explains the price hike. Florence Mattar at Coldwell Banker holds the listing.

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Let The Curvy Lines of The Wave Center Table by Boca do Lobo Amaze You

True classics never fail to make an impression and this is certainly the case for the Wave Center Table from Boca do Lobo. Smooth, imposing moves and pops of gold and neutral colours are called to compose a sublime piece of design furniture that screams passion and meticulous dedication to modern design and craftsmanship.

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Wave Center Table, a statement piece that suits modern living rooms

Nowadays, a center table can take original shapes and designs that give the living room a whole unique look through unusual forms and new materials. Wave is an original and stylish coffee table for a modern living room, as it is also an unconventional center table for your contemporary sitting room. With the great style and elegance of its wavy structure, it creates an exclusive ambience for modern interiors.

Taking center stage, the creation by Boca do Lobo brings sophistication and an unexpected contemporary vibe to the living room. The classical accents with fresh colour palettes are highlighted by the Wave center table due to its gold hammered finish and contemporary lines.

Developed by a Portuguese jewellery artisan, this piece is made in wood and finished with manually hammered copper, with a curvilinear top made from black mirrors. The base is lacquered in black and finished with a high gloss varnish. Available in copper, brass and polished stainless steel, this luxury piece of art stands out in a highly contemporary interior space and its curvy lines create impressive aesthetics.

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Dynamic in nature, yet placid in presence, the refined Wave center table proves that Boca do Lobo envisions the home decor needs of interior designers and contrives the way to satisfy them.

Having a center table in your living room decor holds significant importance as it serves as a focal point and functional centerpiece. This essential piece of furniture not only adds visual appeal but also offers practicality and convenience. The center table creates a sense of balance and symmetry, anchoring the room and tying together other elements of the decor.

Center tables provide a surface for displaying decorative items like vases, sculptures, or books, adding personality and charm to the space. Moreover, it serves as a gathering place, encouraging social interaction and creating a cosy atmosphere for entertaining guests or enjoying quality time with family.

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Of boats and beauty! Mykonos will look mesmerizing from Uber’s on-demand privately-chartered boats set to sail this summer

Uber just went from a transportation app to an Uber cool one! Welcome Uber Boat, an on-demand boat charter in Mykonos, Greece. The company’s third annual Go-GET product event witnessed the ride-hailing company announcing the launch of boat travel in gorgeous Greece. With abundant azure waters and hoards of vacationers, Uber has promised to do the needful- a chance to book a boat directly via the Uber app. “There’s nothing better than connecting with family, whatever that may look like to you,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said. He added, “That’s why this year we’re unveiling a suite of products that are rooted in connection.”

The venture will begin in Mykonos, allowing eight people to cruise around the island. Many more potential locations will be added in the future. As is the case with automobiles, prices will vary depending on the number of stops. The service will be available from mid-June to October, operated by a licensed boat operator. Sarita Varouch, Uber general manager for Greece, said in the Uber Go-Get video. “Uber Boat gives you the ability to plan a day on the water. You can even see reservation details right in the app, making it an ideal way to visit Mykonos and tour around the island.”

Uber Boat.

Uber has offered boating options in the past. In 2015, UberBoat Istanbul offered speedboats for 6-8 passengers or families for $20-$150, depending on the destination. In 2019, the same service was launched in Mumbai in partnership with the Maharashtra Maritime Board. The on-demand speedboat service was meant to cater to tourists and locals eyeing a more premium route for the coastal service.

Uber coronation carriage

In 2023, Uber hit the ball out of the park with a one-of-a-kind experience to celebrate King Charles’s coronation. A giant Coronation Carriage was made available for trips around London’s Dulwich Park between 1 pm and 4 pm for three days. Uber said Uber Boat in Mykonos differs from the company’s previous offerings as an external company does not own it. It works more like a private charter than a ferry service.

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Canadian steel billionaire Barry Zekelman has rightfully named his $150 million superyacht ‘Man of Steel.’ The 282-foot-long vessel, purchased from Steven Spielberg, features a dance floor, two swimming pools, as well as indoor and outdoor cinemas.

Boats aren’t meant to be boring; a slick one like Man of Steel is proof. Billionaire Barry Zekelman’s luxury vessel is an Oceanco beauty boasting a length of 282 feet with oodles to do onboard a Mediterranean vacation. The ship can be chartered through a host of brokers starting at $1.2 million per week. Let’s explore what you get in exchange for a million dollars on a luxe vacation-

Man of Steel, as stunning as stealthy!
Multiple impressive decks, seven staterooms, and exciting amenities make Man of Steel the perfect holiday home on the high seas for a large group. There is never a dull moment aboard the $150 million superyacht, where 14 guests enjoy niceties from exhilarating to quaint.

The cinema

While movie buffs enjoy a professional cinema with tiered seating, fitness enthusiasts can burn calories in the well-equipped gym. Rejuvenation is found in the wellness center, where not one but two swimming pools help guests relax.

The beach club includes a jacuzzi for guests to laze for hours on end. The main deck is colossal, with 250 sqm of space that opens into the salon, a hub of activities flanked with comfortable seating.

Conversations and cocktails are best conducted on the bespoke circular dining table, with an appetizing side of uninterrupted views.

An active charter, Man Of Steel, built in 2010, flaunts state-of-the-art diving equipment, three tenders, a rescue RIB, Seabobs, a hoverboard, and more for an unending adrenaline rush.

The vessel is the work of Nuvolari Lenard on exteriors and interiors. Previously called Seven Seas, movie mogul Steven Spielberg previously owned it and named her after his seven children. Powered by twin MTU engines, Man of Steel boasts a top speed of 20 knots, a volume of 2,658 tons, and an annual running cost of $10–15 million.

The stunning Man of Steel yacht was bought by tycoon Barry Zekelman in 2021
Billionaire Barry Zekelman, worth $3.5 billion, was born with a diamond-studded platinum spoon in his mouth. The wealthy family was known as one of North America’s largest steel pipe and tube makers, a steel business that Zekelman took over at 19. He only grew it into an even more successful enterprise that dubs him a man of steel in the truest sense of the term.

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Barry received his early education in Windsor and later attended York University in Toronto. His love for racing Ferraris and owning superyachts is known. The steel magnate owned Inception yacht and a series of ships named Man of Steel. The Oceanco beauty succeeded a fleet of three Heesen yachts in 2021.

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A billionaire got Paul Allen’s 414-foot-long Octopus megayacht to the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix and paid $138,000 just to moor it near the tracks and enjoy the race from the $285 million vessel

That late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s 414-foot superyacht, Octopus was the biggest yacht at this year’s Monaco Grand Prix is no secret. Being big in size and stature also entails wider attention and, indeed, some very giant bills. We are intrigued by the latter as during a major yachting event like the GP, the mooring fees can get absurdly high. The weekly rates range from $4,000 (for the smallest boats in the worst spots) to a staggering $150,000 (for the biggest boats in the best spots). Conan McGregor, who got his $3.3 million 63 feet long Lamborghini yacht paid $12,000 for the week.

Octopus, a $285 million ship, is now part of the Camper & Nicholsons charter fleet, with its weekly rental rate being $2.4 million. The Lurssen world explorer is loved for her voyage to unexplored Antarctica, touted as one of the most spectacular experiences with stunning landscapes and wildlife. Today, however, we are focused on what happened in Monaco as, thanks to Twitter, it certainly didnt stay there!

Octopus docked in Monaco.Via Youtube / @Emman’s Vlog FR

The parking charges are synonymous with the gigantic yacht –
Attending the Monaco Grand Prix is on everyone’s bucket list, but enjoying it from a $285 million megayacht is an entirely different flex. If chartering the mammoth 414-footer is a big deal at a $2.4 million weekly charge, then parking it is no small feat either. Parking charges for a 126-meter or 414 feet ship for a week in Zone 1 is no less than 129,000 Euros or $138,000. Having said that, someone who can charter the floating mansion for an exorbitant prize can surely shell out another roughly $150,000 for a top-notch seat, unparalleled views of Monaco, and its utterly grand event.

Octopus, outstanding, opulent, and unequaled
In the past 19 years, Paul Allen’s Octopus has remained an enigma. Unless you dont hop onto this explorer yacht, you really won’t know much. Fortunately, we know enough about this Lurrsen masterpiece to call it exceptional. Philanthropist Paul Allen commissioned his boat in 1998, a one-of-a-kind vessel readied for science, research, and valid ocean-crossing travel.

Besides being fitted with the most advanced scientific and research equipment, the ship packs an impressive armada of toys and tenders, including a helicopter, a submarine, and a floatplane.

When Octopus finally launched in 2003, it did so with considerable onboard electronics. “Of course, the co-founder of Microsoft required more than 54 tonnes of AV and IT equipment on board,” Øino said with a smile.

One of the onboard cabins.

Astonishingly, each cabin was assigned 60 cables for computers, entertainment systems, and more, including touchscreens, a rare, practically unheard addition in 1998. “They were amazing,” said Øino, “so far ahead of their time.”

Being an explorer vessel it has a hyperbaric chamber.

The touchscreens are apparently still used by the crew, in addition to the latest iPads, as infotainment control panels to adjust lighting and music. Jonathan Quinn Barnett envisioned the megayacht to have mind-blowing features like a glass-bottomed underwater observation lounge, a cinema, and a fully kitted-out dive center.

The observation lounge.

Outside, her winged wheelhouse, a freshwater swimming pool, two helidecks, and even a basketball court helped Octopus become recognizable.

The onboard spa.

Twelve guests have the time of their life exploring the lengths and breaths of the planet aboard one of the most technologically advanced ships ever.

The Musashi bar

The new owner requested some changes in 2021. The music studio was transformed into a lounge bar. Recent changes included a glass-bottom pool that turns into an exceptional on-water dance floor at the touch of a button.

Image – Yacht club Monaco

Why do yachts come to Monaco Grand Prix?
The Monaco Grand Prix Formula One motor racing event held annually on the Circuit de Monaco attracts fans from around the globe. It may attract attention as one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world. Still, it can’t help but share the attention with some of the finest superyachts worldwide, moored stern to the circuit for an excellent vantage point over the cars zipping around the track.

Via Instagram / @motoryachtladyjorgia

In addition to 414 feet Octopus, there were other goliaths like 295 feet Phoenix, 240-footer Titiana, and 377-foot Lady Jorgia, which created a record of the biggest brokerage deal in history by selling for a whopping $362 million in 2023.

Swedish entrepreneur Roger Samuelsson owns the iconic Octopus-
The truth is, Octopus will always be known as Paul Allen’s yacht, for he is the man who commissioned her and established perfection. The boat is owned by the 59-year-old owner and leader of SHL Group (Scandinavian Health Ltd), believed to have a net worth of $1 billion. Swedish industrialist Roger Samuelsson, a resident of Taiwan, enjoyed a career in motorsport and was active as an STCC driver in 2013. His connection to Taiwan goes back several years. After completing engineering at the Berzelius School in Linköping, he traveled to Taiwan, all of 20, to visit factories and look for goods he could import to Sweden. By 1998 Samuelsson repositioned his business in Taipei and established Scandinavian Health Systems from his apartment. The tycoon grew from strength to strength, and by 2016, SHL Group boasted 3,000 employees and a billionaire boss.

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