dezembro 8, 2023

Those working for Hermes, are in for some insane financial bliss! In addition to their monthly paychecks, the lucky employees will receive $4268 (approx.) in bonuses as the brand celebrates a well-anticipated sales surge. Yes, that’s right! The payout will be provided as a one-time year-end bonus to each of the marquee’s 9,700 employees. And as per reports, the bonus follows a previous 6 percent wage increase for the company’s French employees and a 100-euro increase granted in January 2022 and again the following July.

One of the iconic Hermes windows. Image – Facebook / Hermes

In addition to this, the company also increased the dividend distributed to shareholders from 8 euros in 2021 to 11 euros – with the total surmounting to 1.4 billion euros. These measures, the marquee noted, are part of its value-sharing ethos – thanks to which the employees are set to receive an equivalent of 17 months’ pay in one go.

Image – Facebook / Hermes

According to official statistics, the company recorded a 23 percent sales surge in the fourth quarter with full-year revenues rising 29 percent last year up to $12.4. This has also helped the marquee reclaim its position as luxury fashion’s third-biggest brand, following Louis Vuitton and Chanel. The brand while sharing year-end bonuses also revealed plans to recruit more talent with the inauguration of 2 new manufacturing sites in France. Upwards and onwards only for Hermes!

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