maio 31, 2023

Just like ChatGPT and other AI tools have crept into our lives, the art world isn’t spared either. Dead End Gallery is the world’s first AI art gallery opened in Amsterdam. The gallery, located near other Amsterdam’s central De Wallen neighborhood, only houses artworks created using artificial intelligence. It is not backed up by the soul and emotions of an artist who gives his creation thought, time, and energy. Instead, it is a takeover of algorithms to create an array of digital paintings and interactive installations.

Via Instagram / @deadendaigallery

Constant Brinkman from Dead End Gallery said: “We are the first gallery in the world to exhibit artworks created by artificial intelligence.” Brinkman shared that though the artworks are unique, some are evidently flawed. “If you look closely, you will see in the paintings that most hands have six fingers,” said Brinkman, adding that it will be resolved within weeks as the AI creators improve. The paintings cost a pretty penny at $3000-$10,000. Moreover, they would certainly not excite a traditionalist or an art enthusiast.

Via Instagram / @deadendaigallery

However, the reactions are mixed, and not all believe the work to be an infringement of copyright or fraudulent. “I like to look at it, it’s decorative. Someone will certainly be willing to pay some money for it, I suspect. But I have different requirements for art,” said art appraiser Patricia Jansma.

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