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Remember Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan,aka Rainbow Sheikh, and his unusual hobby of collecting some of the quirkiest automobiles ever created. Everything from the world’s biggest SUV to the biggest truck to the biggest Hummer H1, you’ll find plenty of record-shattering supersized off-road vehicles on display at his museums. The 67-year-old Emirate royal is surprisingly quite internet-savvy and keeps posting videos and pictures of his car collection, including the latest additions. In his newest Instagram post, the Rainbow Sheikh introduced a gigantic truck that he claims to be the “Strongest Oilfield Truck in the World!”. Although the caption describes it as a new guest, we’re not sure if it’s a permanent addition to the sheikh’s museum or a temporary visitor.

Sadly, Sheikh Hamad’s Instagram post offers very little information on the truck itself except for the model name and claiming it to be the strongest oilfield truck in the world, which itself is confusing. Nevertheless, the truck that you see in the picture is a Kenworth 953 Super, which appears to be in pristine condition.

Via Youtube / @Hamad Hamdan

Manufactured by American truck maker Kenworth, the 953 Super is a heavy-duty truck specifically engineered to handle difficult grades and demanding terrain with extreme payloads, epically for oilfield applications.

The massive truck is actually dwarfed by the Sheikhhs Hummer.Via Youtube / @Hamad Hamdan

Although it can be had with multiple different engine options, the oilfield truck is equipped with planetary reduction axles which have proved to be superior in navigating difficult terrain. Fitted with special sand tires, the Super 963 offers an extreme payload capacity of up to 40,000 lb. on the front axle and up to 120,000 lb. on the rear axle.

Via Youtube / @Hamad Hamdan

This makes it perfect for hauling extremely heavy oilfield equipment to desolate locations in the Middle East. Pretty cool, right? We wish the sheikh gives us more information on his latest toy, including its year of manufacturing.

Via Instagram / @shhamadbinhamdan

Rainbow Sheikh
Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan is a member of the Emirati royal family. Estimated to be worth $20 billion, he used his share of UAE’s oil money to build himself one of the craziest car collections that are made of some of the most bizarre automotive creations, including the Dhabiyan. When he got married, he famously ordered Mercedes-Benz to build him an S-class for every color of the rainbow from the upholstery to the wheels, which earned him the nickname “The Rainbow Sheikh”. Currently, he has 4 automotive museums in the UAE and Morocco.

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