setembro 21, 2023

Future battles are going to be fought between robotic armored machines that’ll have no limit on the number of limbs, physical limitations, or firepower capabilities. A huge chunk of that AI-dominated battlefield will be dotted by vehicles never seen before.

Although I’m not trying to create a plot for sci-fi movies, more or less, things will be radically different in future wars than we have. Not a soul will be lost, unless AI develops a consciousness of its own!

Designer: Fang E

This bike of the future carrying a resonant Batmobile vibe is not meant for the Gotham vigilante, but for modern warfare in a dystopian world. Dubbed the Motorcycle Drone, this mean machine scouts for hidden threats in hostile military spaces or restoring order with sensible policing in volatile cities. The vehicle has a reinforced armored shell for the roughest situations, and the options to increase weaponry arsenal or enhance battery power when needed.

Motorcycle Drone will be fully autonomous and AI-enabled for completing high-profile tasks comprehensively. One huge advantage of such a machine is the ability to persist in war missions or city patrolling needs 24×7 without any possible human error. While the matte black two-wheeled machine seems to have a connection to Batman of the future, the similarities end there. This bike is designed for a future dominated by robots, cyborgs, drones and of course super intelligent AI that could have a consciousness of its own.

The bike’s side wings can contract into the frame or open based on the driving conditions and speed. A drag reduction configuration conceals the sideburns to cut through the dense airflow. For low-speed drives, the wings can again pop out for better balance. Motorcycle Drone should be propelled by an electric drivetrain and have a stealth presence for covert missions. The edgy design dominantly leaning towards the back suggests the machine is built for hardcore tasks only.

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