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Before you scream for a scoop of ice cream, remember it could set you back by nearly $6700 per scoop. Don’t melt away just yet; the ice cream in question is the world’s most expensive ice cream from Japan. The white truffle ice cream from Japanese brand Cellato achieved the most costly on the planet status with Guinness World Records for the flavor “Byakuya.” As exotic as the name are the ingredients- the treat is made out of white truffle grown in Alba, Italy, a delicacy that costs about $6,905 per pound.

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Other fine ingredients include Parmigiano Reggiano and sake lees to create a balanced dessert by mixing European and Japanese flavors together. The ice cream is topped with white truffle, Parmigiano shavings, and gold flakes to add elegance to an already exclusive flavor. Each order comes with a metal spoon handcrafted by Kazarikanagu Takeuchi, famous for their intricate ornaments for Japanese temples and shrines. The great idea required even greater practice.

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Per Guinness officials, the brains behind Byakuya ice cream required over a year and a half for the perfect flavor. A Cellato representative told Guinness World Records described the “complex” flavor as “rich” and truffle-forward with hints of “fruity” Parmigiano and sake lees for a “glorious taste experience” that “fills your mouth and nose.”

Cellato reportedly plans to release products with other combinations of luxury ingredients, such as Champagne and caviar.

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